Your In-House Bot-Sultant.
Start saving money and time. Bring your corporation to the next data management level with an automatized 24/7 inner tech consulting department AI. Multi level permission setup, totally GDPR compliant.

Next corporation management level

Writing an important e-mail and not remembering an exact important legal clause. True story, uh?

It doesn’t have to be like that! ai-dea will resolve your inquiry in seconds. Be better. Meet ai-dea!

2 Communication Purposes

Are you a worker?

Summarize large documents

Don’t waste time! ai-dea summarizes and highlights the most relevant content from large and dreadful legal documents.

Technical inquiries resolution

Solve any doubts in seconds. Simple and fast.

Automated client attention

Improve your support department. ai-dea can not only filter but also directly answer most basic client inquiries.

Are you a manager?

Q&A generator

Design smart conversation models for specific needs. Assisted training for new employers is only one of its possibilities!

Permission manager

You can easily manage role privileges with a user friendly configuration.

Cross-suite corporate coordination

Synchronize your operations throughout all your departments.

A cross-industry fellow