An expert in your pocket.
Tired of googling all your questions every time you need an answer? Train ai-migo to become your specialist on any topic, saving your precious time. Train it with selected documents and websites or even your mails to receive direct answers, executive summaries and insightful advices.


A smart advice always in your pocket

Turn your smartphone into the perfect mate! A Bonsai expert, a Mediterranean cuisine chef, a football critic or a poker player…

ai-migo can be whatever you want! Be smart. Meet ai-migo.

2 steps to success


Train the ai-migo on the go with different multi-media inputs. It’s going to learn super fast!

Multi input



Scan a book page or a ticket. ai-migo is hungry for readable data.



A never-stop crawler ready to learn fast about your favorite web contents.



Long e-mail conversations? Important e-mails from long time ago? ai-migo records all for you.


Once you have trained the ai-migo it’s time to give it some work to do. Ask for different outputs.

Multi output



Have inspiring and insightful conversations with ai-migo, your friend and expert that goes with you.



Are you in a hurry? Ask ai-migo for a short briefing on what you need. He is pleased to share his knowledge with you.


Q & A

A quiz right on your fingertips. Ask direct questions and get quick answers.

Happy customization!

Display customization

Red bots are trendy this year! Customize your friend with lovely display themes or design and share your own bot’s personal style!

Different learning containers

Every teacher has his books, same happens with ai-migo! Choose the most convenient profiles for each specific subject or moment. Import and export rare profiles with the whole ai-migo user community.

Input manager

Transform ai-migo into an unique friend. Use the advanced input manager and improve yours with awesome ninja skills!