Our Chatbot development platform

Use our platform for developing the new generation user experience.

The Platform

ROBO.AI allows you to build conversational interfaces on top of your products and services by providing a powerful Natural Language Understanding (NLU) engine to process and understand natural language input, a Knowledge Management function, an Automated Learning mechanism that makes suggestions and asks for feedback, as well as flexible tools for developing and maintaining your assistants, and integrating them with your systems.


Natural Language Understanding

Built-in AI powered Polyglot with voice recognition.


Development Flexibility

Draw diagrams or code your conversations in Javascript.



Integrate with other NLU systems like IBM Watson, MS Luis or Google NLP.


Content and Knowledge Management

Manage the content of your bot like in WordPress using our answer store.


Data source feed integration

DB knowledge & 3rd party intelligence.


APIs and SDK’s

Use the API or our SDKs to develop your bot or to create your own client.