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Be the first having a WhatsApp chatbot

With 1.5 Billion active users, WhatsApp has become the best channel for lead generation, customer support, marketing, research and more. People use it every day, everywhere, all the time. Let them add your brand to their contact list.


Our Platform

ROBO.AI is a platform to develop Natural Language Interaction Interfaces – commonly referred to as chatbots. We prefer calling them ROBO’s.

Automate contact with leads and customers by introducing a chatbot with ROBO.AI. Our platform allows you to save costs, improve customer interactions and make information accessible in a way that feels natural.

ROBO.AI grants developers to design, develop, deploy and improve conversation solutions in a developer-friendly and flexible way.


Pro-Active Learning

Our system is pro-active in the learning process.
Save costs while continuously improving your digital assistant

German Language First

Our bots speak German. Unsere Bots können Deutsch.
Take advantage of our pre-built German Language Understanding Modules


Already working with Microsoft, Google, Amazon or IBM?
We integrate with different NLU engines and your architecture

Knowledge Base and Data

Our platform is able to read data from different sources and can answer questions about it.
Take advantage of your existing knowledge and IT systems

Content Focus

We move the power of creating and maintaining content to the hands of the copywriters.
With our embedded CMS you won't need a separate team for maintaining bot contents.

Analytics and AB Testing

AB testing and Analytics are built on our framework from scratch.
Know what works in your bot and what doesn't. Optimize your conversions.