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Help potential customers finding the best deals

Improve your customer support experience with 24/7 self-service

Increase Sales

Increase sales by offering an AI assistant that helps customers upgrading to a new mobile phone plan.

Engage with leads

Answer potential customers' inquiries about your services, on the fly and around the clock.

Technical troubleshooting triage

ROBO.AI can learn to triage technical issues reported by your customers.

Upsell mobile phone plan upgrades

Suggest a mobile phone plan upgrade based on user data.


Account Management

Allow your customers to manage their accounts in a new and engaging experience.

Billing, payments and account inquires

Resolve everyday customer support questions automatically with the help of a virtual assistant.

Bring Customer Service to the next level

Step-up your Customer Service

Telecom chatbots are a great solution for companies that want to step up the game of customer care and marketing.

It’s not new that a telecom customer has to interact with different individuals, from different departments for different queries. Old news and bad news, in everyone’s memory.

Instead of listening to endless minutes of a music in repeat mode so that you can finally talk to someone that tells you that you’ve just dialed the wrong number for that query, … you could have a bot!

Different Channels

Either through WhatsApp Business Chatbot, your own Website Chatbot, our solutions can help you provide relevant information whenever it is actually needed and get all your customers issues sorted in one place.

So, if you are looking for an alternative to unpleasant discussions that will save you money, proving you, at the same time, a faster and higher quality customer care, generating leads and allowing a strong engagement from your audience, you should talk to us!

Close the loop

ROBO.AI is able to fulfill tasks on our systems, by integrating with your existing application, like your CRM, e-commerce and Payment systems.

Give customers what they need

A telecom chatbot is prepared to answer all the questions your audience may address you at any time. A great telecom chatbot in a platform like Robo.Ai will help you do your marketing, suggest products, upgrades, cross-sell in the flow of a natural, even fun, always available one-on-one conversation.